My mom gave me a whole bag of fresh spinach and told make something out of it. Spinach dip it was! I would used all mozarella for my cheese, but i kinda ran out of it, so i had to substitute it with Quickmelt cheese. It was still cheezy anyhow. That’s the final product with […]

I decided to make fried rice last night to destress myself from crappy internet. I used left over meat to make some room in the fridge. Mind you, this is my own recipe so i hope you guys try it and tell me if you like it like my family, too. I added microwavable mandu […]

For lunch i made Katsudon, well somewhat a Katsudon without the bowl only. I’m not sure if it can be called Tonkatsu though, since that’s just the breaded porkchop. Anyway just for you to know, I would have used bowls, but i cooked for my mom and grandfather as well and i didn’t know how […]

First of all, blogging has never really been my thing. I think it’s because it takes too much effort to be in the mood to write or to remember which blogsite i registered in. That doesn’t sound like an acceptable excuse though, now that i am typing it. I’ve attempted many time to start blogging […]